Have you been mis-sold an extended warranty
from one of these major retailers?

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What is an extended warranty?

An extended warranty (a.k.a service contract, service agreement, maintenance agreement or prolonged warranty) is a form of insurance offered to customers buying an item which already has a warranty. It may offer very little, if anything, extra to your standard warranty. It generally extends beyond the time that the ordinary warranty lasts. These policies have a tendency to auto-renew meaning you will need to make it known when you wish to cancel them.

What can I claim for?

If you have ever felt that this insurance may not have been necessary, you could have been right. It is rapidly emerging that this form of insurance may have often been either:

  • mis-sold to people who didn't need it
  • not properly explained / misleading policy
  • sold to those not comfortably able to pay for it

Large retailers such as PC World / Curry's, AO, Very, John Lewis etc. may have offered extended warranties on their products.

How to make a claim?

Extended warranty claims are a relatively new form of claim. However, it is becoming obvious just how widespread valid claims seem to be. Here at Consumer Rights, we are always looking to fight on the behalf of the consumer. You may be entitled to claim back any money paid towards an extended warranty plus interest. Fill in our simple form and we'll guide you through the process.