Do You Have Japanese Knotweed?

Japanese Knotweed can cause structural damage to properties and buildings.

If your property is affected you may be eligible for:

✔️ Average claim of £25,000
✔️ Removal of Knotweed

The government has introduced a number of Japanese knotweed laws and regulations surrounding the control, growth and transportation of Japanese Knotweed in order to protect homeowners, businesses and the environment alike. These laws have been put into legislation slowly over the years as a reaction to the growing spread of invasive plant species in the UK.,

How Can We Help?

If you suspect you have some of this weed growing in or around your property, contact us and we’ll have an expert take a look. You may be entitled to compensation from the government for reporting the issue.

You can find more information on Japanese Knotweed in the following articles: rhs or telegraph

Claims of up to £20,000

Contact Us Today If You Think Your Property Is Affected!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Identify Japanese Knotweed?

    Knotweed stems grow to a maximum height of ~2-3m. They are green with red/purple speckles. They are hollow. They have clearly visible nodes between stem sections, which makes them look like bamboo. The leaves form an alternate zig-zag pattern along the stems. The leaves can be identified as green and flat with pronounced mid-ribs and veins, as well as being a unique heart/shovel shape. In summer, you can also distinguish this invasive plant species by looking out for its clusters of small creamy-white flowers.
  • How Does Japanese Knotweed Affect Me?

    Japanese knotweed is a weed that spreads rapidly. It can grow up to 20cm per day, and because of this rapacious growth, it has been known to cause damage to building structures and substructures. Typical damage from Knotweed includes: ✔ Reduction in property values ✔ Damage to building foundations ✔ Damage to retaining wall structures ✔ Damage to tarmac and paving
  • Will It Cost Anything?

    All claims are no win, no fee. One of our experts will contact you to discuss any potential Knotweed growing on your property. If your case sounds legitimate then a surveyor will come down and take pictures. If you have a claim we'll guide you every step of the way.

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