2020 and Security

Protecting You

Every year technology changes, and the drive to protect the information important to you becomes more difficult. As we welcome the dawn of a new decade and consider 2020 security, the potential for your personal information to be hijacked has never been more real.

As we reach further into the future, another tool in the fight against criminals that would happily take your information is Artificial Intelligence. AI, as it is commonly known, is still being perfected, but already it is taking a front role in our individual security, Here are some of the risks we face:


This is the act of an individual or organisation pretending to be an legitimate business and trying to get personal information from customers. This has often taken the form of someone emailing, texting or calling. As we head into the next decade, this threat is predicted only to increase. We, as individuals, will have to continue to be sure that we are giving our information to those we trust.


Ransomware is predicted to cause all sorts of issues in the coming year. It is predicted to continue to target the healthcare sector to go along with the attacks. We have already seen this with the attack that cost the NHS £73 million, the Baltimore ransomware attack: RobbinHood and the Ryuk Ransomware that mainly affected schools.

How can we prevent security breaches?

Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report reveals that 43% of all cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses. There are may potential weaknesses in your security protocols, such as:

– Third party suppliers. You ARE taking your security seriously. Unfortunately, your third party suppliers aren’t doing enough to protect your information at their end.

– Employees. One factor that you can never completely overcome is that your employees are going to spread information about your brand at some kind of level. Whether that is social media or word or mouth, this can increase the risk of attack.

– An incident response plan. Although it sounds obvious, having an actual protocol in place for when a attack occurs is crucial. IBM found that companies with an incident response team that extensively tested it experienced $1.23 million less in data breach costs on average than those that had neither measure in place.

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2020 Security Summary

Our personal information has never been at greater risk via online forums than it is at our present. We must all look to the future to see what it is we can do to protect, not only ourselves, but the sensitive information of our customers and all those we hold dear.

Those looking to benefit from the lack-lustre security that we have in any aspect of our life are only to happy to try to find weaknesses. It is up to us to make sure that those looking to take advantage of us are not given it easily.


Let us look forward to 2020.




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