Acorn – Business Banking

Acorn – Business Banking

When starting a new business, one of the first things you need to consider getting is a dedicated bank account. But there are so many out there that you may feel spoiled for choice or overwhelmed as how to tell them apart. In this article, we’re going to discuss an account by Acorn and look at what they can offer you as a potential customer. To begin with, we will have a look at some of the key points worth noting about this account and then explore further.

Features and Benefits

  • Online high-level security
  • Downloadable statements
  • UK-based call centre
  • Downloads – statements and other important documents.
  • Account Manager – For advice and help with your business banking.
  • Can have your account open in 24 hours (many business accounts average weeks before being open, good if the need for the account is immediate)
  • No branch visits or signatures are required to open the account
  • Can pay in cheques and withdraw cash at Barclays branches


What else is there to know?

Most of us have come to think of business banking as being a fairly difficult need. You need a bank account for your business but there’s plenty to think about that can put you off. It’s important to understand how much choice out there for you. Each bank account offers you different things, and it’s a case of finding which one will suit your business. There are another couple of choices for you here and here. What are you most interested in? Is it important for you to be able to work on an international level? Are you interested in the different bonuses you may be able to get? Are quick transactions important? Do you want a lot of support from the lender? Do you wish to keep track of payments so that you can do your own analytics? There’s something right out there for everyone.

The Acorn account has many features that you may expect from a larger lender. You can get access to your account round-the-clock online, you have a UK call centre for troubleshooting and you can track your statements and transactions online, including downloading statements when needed. On top of this, with them not being as large as many of the high-street banks, you may be more likely to get a more personalised experience and support. If you’re looking for an account which mirrors those offered by larger banks but with a more personal touch, this may be worth considering.

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