Are you owed cavity wall insulation compensation?

With some comparing the rise of cavity wall insulation compensation claims to the previous case of PPI, you might find yourself involved in your own compensation claim. If you have experienced issues with damp or coldness in your home after having cavity wall insulation installed then you could be eligible for compensation for damages to your home. With many homeowners complaining of damp and mould infiltrating their homes, as well as raising energy bills that should have been lowered after the insulation’s installation, they have begun cases against their insulation installers, resulting in hundreds of thousands of pounds being paid out to unhappy consumers.

Who should you contact about cavity wall insulation compensation?

Finding the right contact for your claim is important, which is why we are happy to put anyone struggling with cavity wall insulation issues in touch with one of our advisers. All of our team are highly trained to handle compensation claims and will aim to ensure you receive everything you are owed. Once an adviser has reached out to you, you’ll be told how to continue your claim, which will involve reaching out to CIGA and your installer.

Registering your cavity wall insulation compensation journey with CIGA and your installer begins the process of verifying your claim. A surveyor will be sent to your property who can collect data of the damage to your home, which will help to understand the underlying issue that caused your cavity wall insulation to fail.

Find out how much you’re owed

With the case and range of damage changing so much between each property, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how much you could be owed. Your claim will take into consideration factors like:

  • The cause of the failure – could be improperly applied insulation, movement and disintegration of insulation, faulty outer brickwork etc.
  • How much has been damaged – from damp in your walls to damaged wall ties, timber, furniture etc.
  • How much will removal of the insulation cost

Your Consumer Rights adviser will be able to discuss your claim with you at length and help you to understand the difference all of these factors has on your claim.
Receiving compensation for the damage to your home because of faulty or lazily installed cavity wall insulation is your right as a consumer, so make sure that you reach out as quickly as possible to ensure your compensation claim can begin. Our team of advisers are always ready to help you, so get in touch on 0203 773 5855 to receive what you’re owed or contact us at Consumer Rights.

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