Did you have problems with your cavity wall insulation installation?

Cavity wall insulation has been a cause for concern for many over the years, especially considering how there has been a noted influx of companies taking using government grants to push the amount of installations they make – which leaves room for error. With plenty of the issues arising from a problem that happened during the insulations installation it is important to ensure that your home is safe from any damage if you believe that there were issues with your cavity wall insulation installation.

What to do if your cavity wall insulation installation had issues

You should always investigate any suspected problems before you make any official complaints with CIGA or your installer, but you should definitely call these agencies to make sure that you’re certain of the installation protocol – this way you can be sure whether you think any issues occurred. There should have been a survey prior to the installation of your insulation that should have detected any issues with your property that could alter the outcome of your insulation – if this wasn’t done properly this could be partly to blame for any damages to your home.

Physical evidence of problems with your cavity wall insulation may not appear until years after installation, so if your installation was recent you may not be able to find evidence like damp or damaged wall ties to prove there was a problem. However, some surveyors have used infrared technology to take pictures of properties at night to see the points where heat is leaving the house. This kind of check on your home is non-invasive and helps to settle your mind on whether or not there were any issues.

It is important that any checks you do on your insulation are non-invasive, as you will void your guarantee with CIGA if you damage or remove any of your insulation before reporting issues to them. This way if you do find that there are no issues with your insulations installation you will still be covered by CIGA for the 25 years that the guarantee usually covers.

Finding help for checking for possible issues

It can be hard to find the right help for checking if you’re correct in your assumption that there are issues with your cavity wall insulation installation, as you need to be certain that they won’t damage your home and will be able to confidently provide you the answers you were looking for. When you search for a team to help you, it’s important that you are clear with the service that you’re looking for, and that you make sure you find trusted and reliable help with your problems.

Speaking to one of our advisers will give you the opportunity to not only be put in contact with someone who can help you find the perfect team to check your home, but will also be able to give you advice on what you should do if you find that there was a problem with your installation. By simply filling out your details you will be putting yourself in touch with a Consumer Rights adviser who will aim to ensure that they can help you feel confident in your decision to check your cavity wall insulation and be prepared to help you whatever the outcome.

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