How can cavity wall insulation issues stop you from selling your home?

When it comes to selling your home there are a list of improvements and checks that every homeowner makes before they put their home on the market. From making little repairs to ensuring that your home is suitable for its next owner, one thing that many people might not consider when selling their home is cavity wall insulation issues.

However, with many people experiencing cavity wall insulation issues over the years might find it best to check the state of their insulation, as any issues with this can completely halt your sale. Finding a reliable company to complete a house survey can help you to find whether or not you have any trouble with your insulation, and can give you advice on how to handle your sale.

What cavity wall insulation issues can stop you from selling your home?

There could be a variety of issues coming from your cavity wall insulation that could cause you to have problems when selling your home. They range in severity, so some issues could be easily solved and others might require some extra effort.

High heating bills is a certain sign of insulation failure, and can be an unpleasant addition to your home that may put buyers off. Entering a home that is cold and obviously requires a lot of heating to keep warm can tell anyone viewing your home that they will be spending more money than they expect to each month to keep themselves warm, which can be difficult in winter months. This can come from bad insulation, which can cause areas where the heat is leaking from your home and can come from poor installation or disintegration of the insulation from damp.

Having damp in your home not only makes it cold, it can also make it inhospitable. Not only does damp and mould look unsightly and cause issues with your interior decoration, it has also been known to cause or exacerbate health issues, including asthma or other breathing problems. For many people this can make living in your home unsafe and unsuitable, meaning that any damp issues must be dealt with before you sell your property.

In serious circumstances, your wall ties or the timber frames of your home could be affected thanks to your cavity wall insulation – and this can seriously damage your home, leaving it unsellable until it is fixed. Cavity wall insulation has widely been mis-sold to many homes that it is inappropriate for, including those with timber frames – if the insulation becomes damp and touches the timber it can cause wood rot, which can be detrimental to a property. Because of this, if you suspect there has been any damage to your wall ties or the timber frames of your home, you should immediately remove your cavity wall insulation and have the areas of your home affected repaired as soon as possible.

Struggling to pay for repairs from your cavity wall insulation issues

You might find yourself struggling to foot the costs of the repairs that your cavity wall insulation issues require, which can be disheartening when you’re trying to sell your home. Many people don’t know that they have the opportunity to claim for compensation regarding their cavity wall insulation if it was misfitted or has caused issues because of its installation. Finding an adviser that can offer you help and start you on your path to finalising your house sale is so important, which is why here at Consumer Rights we always recommend that you get in touch with a member of our team. It’s so simple to reach us and takes so little time – simply fill out your details and an adviser will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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