Claiming for housing disrepair damages

What Is Housing Disrepair?

Claiming for housing disrepair damages? Housing disrepair refers to the procedure of claiming compensation from your housing association if disrepair has impacted you or your possessions. In almost all cases, the housing association is obligated to ensure that repair work is carried out wherever necessary and in any circumstance where this is not adhered to you are legally within your rights to claim compensation. It’s important to know if you can claim on housing disrepair damages if your housing association hasn’t been looking after repair work in your home.

Can I Claim?

You are entitled to claim compensation for 6 years from the point at which the repair should have taken place, or 3 years in the case of a personal injury claim. It is also possible to request that the court orders your housing association to carry out the necessary repairs, however it is important to note that you won’t be able to take legal action if the problem is not reported during the period of your tenancy.

It is also possible to claim compensation if you’ve suffered inconvenience as a direct consequence of housing disrepair, for instance if you are unable to use certain functions of your home for a particular length of time or if you have been disrupted in any way.

What Can I Claim on Housing Disrepair Damages?

There are a number of different features which come under the umbrella term of ‘housing disrepair’, and for this reason you are entitled to claim for a variety of issues related to yourself or your home. You can for instance claim if any of your possessions have been lost or damaged as a result of disrepair, meaning that you will receive some form of solution to your problems one way or another if your housing association fails to meet the necessary requirements.

You are also entitled to make a claim if housing disrepair damages have had a negative impact on your health, both from a physical as well as a mental perspective. If you are able to provide proof of how you have been affected by the disrepair, for example a doctor’s note which we will discuss in the next section will significantly bolster your chances, then you are within your legal rights to make a compensation claim against the housing association.

How It Works

Housing disrepair damages can cause a great deal of distress to yourself and your family. It is well worth noting that if you keep track of things such as photographs of the issues, doctor’s notes, receipts for your damaged belongings and even records of your correspondence with your housing association you will have a much greater chance of completing a successful claim.

It is possible to request a reduction in the cost of your rent or even a refund in certain circumstances. In the event that you are only able to use a certain section of your home the court may deem it necessary to bring down the cost of your rent to accommodate and reimburse you for the difficulties you have had to face. It is also important to note that this is still possible even if you have been covering the cost of your rent through housing benefit or universal credit.

How To Find Out More

Apply Online: Fill out our quick and easy contact form here on Consumer Rights

We Contact You: We’ll be in touch to discuss your situation and your options with you

Make A Claim: If you are eligible we will help you to make a claim for housing disrepair

Benefits of a HDR Claim:

    • The ability to claim if you or somebody you live with has suffered a decline in health.
    • You might be able to successfully claim a reduction or a reimbursement of your rent.
    • You have up to 6 years in which to make the claim.
    • The court can order your housing association to carry out the repair if you are still a tenant.
  • Full support with making the claim and throughout the entire process.
  • If your claim is unsuccessful you won’t have to pay a penny.

About Us

We boast a team of fully-trained experts in handling housing disrepair claims, and we are confident that we can successfully carry out any genuine HDR claim.

How We Can Help:

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