Efficient Household Appliances – Fridge-Freezers

Here at Consumer Rights  we love to help you save money. Save up to £975 with an energy-efficient fridge-freezer combination! The fridge freezer combination is in the majority of peoples homes nowadays, but this device consumes a lot of power. Did you know that the fridge-freezer combination is in the top 3 largest power consumers? The older your fridge-freezer is, the more power it consumes. A 15-year-old fridge-freezer with average capacity uses around 450 kWh of energy. The new energy-efficient fridge-freezer combinations only need 150 kWh; that is 70% more economical. An economical fridge-freezer combination saves around £65 a year. That could add up to 1/3 of your monthly energy bill. You save even more in the long term: the fridge-freezer combination has an average lifespan of 15 years. All these years this will continue to consume power and this will be costing you your money so you want the most efficient one available if long-term saving is your goal. In this long lifetime, an efficient fridge-freezer combination therefore saves £975 in electricity. And only with one device: you can see how much you save if you replace all your appliances with the most economical variant.

Can a cheap fridge-freezer combination also be energy efficient?

The cheapest fridge-freezer combinations are usually not the most economical. Over the long term, a cheap fridge-freezer combination costs more money than an economical one with a slightly higher price. Currently, fridge-freezer combinations are sold with the A +, A ++ and A +++ labels. The more plus signs behind the A, the more efficient the device is. For fridge-freezer combinations, A +++ means that it is the most energy-efficient. Many people think that the differences between the energy labels are not that great because of the A in the energy label. But appearances are deceiving! Did you know that A + uses twice as much power as A +++? That varies by £500 over an entire lifespan of the appliance. It is true that economical fridge-freezer combinations have a higher price, but then the money saved in the long-term is what counts.

Economical fridge-freezers and defrosting

Thanks to the latest technology you never have to defrost the freezer (No Frost). So you not only save a lot of money, but also a lot of tedious work! The energy consumption of the freezer increases as more ice forms. A layer of ice of 1 cm increases the power consumption by 10%. Most people hate defrosting the freezer and therefore opt for a No Frost, which keeps the moisture out of the freezer and prevents ice from forming. Do you not mind having to defrost your freezer? Then you can also consider another fridge-freezer combination. They are often also somewhat cheaper. Many varieties offer Low Frost, a technology that reduces the formation of ice and reduces the need to defrost. These fridge-freezer combinations also have a lower power consumption, as long as you keep the freezer ice-free!

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