Flat Roof Insulation

Flat Roof Insulation

The vast majority of housing in the UK have lofts and non-flat roofs. For those of us that do have flat-roofed properties, you are still able to get insulation if required. The process may be different but you can still benefit from getting the same kind of savings as the rest of us.

Tell me more about flat roof insulation

For flat-roofed houses, you can either get the insulation above or below the weatherproof membrane. In the past, the majority of insulation jobs were what is known as ‘cold’. This meant that there was a vapour control level but they were so inefficient in saving heat, they are now not widely used, even being banned in Scotland.

Currently, you get what is called ‘warm roof’ insulation. This method has much of the same layers but just in a different and more beneficial order. The insulation becomes part of the warm fabric of the building. There are other concerns that insulating a flat roof can cause such as water damage. Over time because of the lack of runoff, water can accumulate and have lasting effects.


Some facts and figures about flat roof insulation

  • Can come in a range of styles and materials depending on your roof
  • Can allow tapering for water run-off
  • Up to 25% of the heat from a house is lost through the roof
  • You can make back the cost of insulation in a few short years.
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