Flight Delays

Flight delays to or from your holiday destination can in some cases be a mood killer and put a dampener on your trip. Many people just accept flight delays for what they are and decide not to do anything about it, but in actual fact there are many circumstances in which you may be entitled to claim if the situation allows it provided that your claim comes within the flight delay compensation time limit. If you have recently suffered from a significant flight delay then read this guide to see whether or not it might be worth your while forming a complaint to see if you are entitled to receive any compensation.

Flight Delay Compensation Time Limit

The flight delay compensation time limit is 6 years from the date on which you flew with regards to taking your claim to court. Any claim made after this period will not be able to be processed and is therefore not worth pursuing.

Your Rights

If you have never been stuck at an airport as a result of a flight delay then the likelihood is that you will be unaware of your rights as a passenger. Your airline have an obligation to keep you informed of the situation, as well as providing food and drink vouchers to make up for the amount of time you have unnecessarily had to spend waiting at the airport. If this does not occur then you will often be able to reclaim food and drink expenses provided you have kept receipts or have some form of proof of purchase.

Depending on the cause of the flight delay, any delay over three hours may mean you are entitled to claim compensation, and this could amount to anything up to £540. This demonstrates just how beneficial it could be to explore your claim options if you have suffered from any form of flight delay. It is important to note that if the flight delay is deemed to have been out of the airline’s control, which it quite often is not, then the airline will not be able to award a refund.

If you’d like any further information on flight delays and what your rights are if you experience a significant delay then get in touch with us at Consumer Rights for an in-depth look at what you can do and what you may be entitled to.

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