Housing Disrepair Damages

Housing disrepair is a fairly broad and somewhat ambiguous term and it can be difficult to determine what constitutes housing disrepair damages and whether or not you have been affected. Damages can come in a variety of different forms and are not always disclosed. Once you have established your rights with your housing association you may be eligible to claim depending on both the nature and the extent of the damage.

Here we have put together a short list of some of the most common housing disrepair damages and given a description for each. This is for you to make an informed decision on whether or not you are entitled to claim if you are looking to claim compensation.


You are entitled to a heating system that works fully and doesn’t have any faults. Anything that falls below this standard can almost certainly be classed as housing disrepair damages.


If you can attribute damp in your home to your housing association then this can be classed as housing repair damages.

Drainage Issues

Drainage issues are also a fault that housing associations can be accountable for, this includes problems such as damaged guttering, as well as problems with the drains themselves or the downpipes.


Any flooring which could potentially be deemed unsafe or not fit for purpose can be classed as housing disrepair damages. It is the obligation of your housing association that your flooring meets the required standards and does not put you or anybody who is living with you at risk.


Plumbing difficulties must also be addressed by your housing association as this can cause severe inconveniences for the tenants. Some of these difficulties include leaks and damage and it is the responsibility of your housing association to resolve these issues.


Stairs are another crucial health and safety aspect and it is vital that the housing association ensure that there are sufficient precautions such as handrails and banisters in places as well as an absence of potential trip hazards.


Finally, vermin is an unpleasant and unnecessary part of moving into a new home and your housing association must make all the necessary strides to ensure that you are not subjected to it.

If you would like any further information on housing disrepair and some of the examples we have provided, contact us at Consumer Rights to find out more.

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