How do you know if you have a mis-sold ISA?

Mis Sold ISA

There has been a rise in cases of people who are involved in a mis-sold ISA, as they were led to believe that the ISA they were entering into was best for them. However, due to financial or personal issues it turns out that this wasn’t always the right option for them at the time.

Check if you have a mis-sold ISA

If you think back to the day that you agreed to your ISA, it can be important to remember what was said between you and your adviser. Remembering what you asked for and the questions you were asked about your financial situation can be important in determining whether or not you were mis-sold your ISA.

Some ways that you may have been mis-sold your ISA is if:

  • You weren’t informed of the risks involved
  • You weren’t told in detail how your money would be invested
  • The product you were sold wasn’t suitable for your needs
  • Your adviser didn’t assess your attitude to risk

If you believe that the information you received wasn’t clear or fair, or you don’t think that the advice was suitable then you should definitely make a claim for repayment on your mis-sold ISA.

How do I claim against my mis-sold ISA?

Finding a reliable service to help you register your claim can make all the difference. Our team here at Consumer Rights can work with you on your claim, and will be happy to contact you to discuss your circumstances and needs at the time that you started your mis-sold ISA. Simply filling out your details will connect you to someone ready to help you research your claim and create a detailed complaint (when it’s shown that mis-selling has occurred).

Once you have started your investigation into your ISA you will be able to find if you are owed money by your bank for the loss you have suffered from your investment since the start of your ISA.

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