How To Tell If Your Drains Are Blocked

How To Tell If Your Drains Are Blocked? A common issue that is often found within housing disrepair is the blockage of drains. This can be a significant inconvenience in a household and it can be difficult to spot in a lot of circumstances to the untrained eye. And sometimes it can be difficult to know: are blocked drains tenant or housing association repair obligations?

In this brief post we will provide you with a foolproof guide to identifying whether or not your drains are blocked and the severity of the issue if there is indeed a blockage. If the issue is not picked up in its early stages the problem is likely to be magnified over the course of time, and this underlines the importance of addressing the issue as soon as possible.

Knowing when your drains are blocked

One obvious sign that your drains are becoming blocked is if your sinks are draining slower than usual. If you notice this at any point it is well worth getting your pipes checked for any potential blockages. Another symptom of blocked drains is if you notice a gurgling noise in plug holes such as your bath, shower or sinks.

You may also be able to tell that you are suffering from blocked drains if you notice a sulphurous smell, as this could suggest that something is trapped within the pipes or even rotting. Overflowing sinks or toilets as a consequence of high rising water could also be a sign that you need to attend to an issue with your drains.

Are your blocked drains tenant or housing association repair obligations?

With all of this in mind, it is worth considering paying close attention to your drains on a regular basis in order to check for some of these symptoms and to act fast where necessary. Maintaining drains is part of your housing association’s responsibilities, so you should make sure that they handle the issue.

Blocked drains are a common form of housing disrepair and if you identify the issue early and can pinpoint where the blame comes from then you might be entitled to make a housing disrepair claim if your housing association has been unwilling to resolve the issue. Contact us at Consumer Rights for help investigating your claim.

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