Learn More About Cavity Wall Insulation Removal

Cavity wall insulation has been known to divide opinions because of many reactions it has with properties and homeowners. While many believe it is a valuable addition to any home with cavity walls in reducing energy bills and carbon footprints, it has also proven to cause issues in many homes from damp and other water-related problems, which is why many have begun looking into cavity wall insulation removal.

Because of the issues associated with cavity wall insulation, homeowners have begun organising their cavity wall insulation removal over the years, either as a preventative measure or to reduce the damage that has already been inflicted upon their homes. However, there are still plenty of property owners who are unaware if they are able to remove their insulation, let alone understand the process involved to remove it.

Cavity wall insulation removal process

The process of removing cavity wall insulation is a fairly easy job to take on overall, however it is best leaved to professionals rather than taking the DIY route. There could be any number of reasons why you would have your cavity wall insulation removed, including any of the ways that the insulation can dampen your home, or in new-build homes some homeowners have experienced heightened allergies because of the insulation.

As all installations of cavity wall insulation should be CIGA guaranteed all issues with the insulation should be reported to CIGA, as removal work on the insulation voids your guarantee. As removal of insulation usually follows issues with the product, all complaints should be brought to CIGA and your installer to ensure that they are alerted to the problem.

Once you have alerted the correct authorities your next job will be finding a reliable removal team to help you begin the process. Searching for good reviews and recommendations, as well as checking qualifications for recommended contractors is the best way to ensure that you’re finding someone to work on your home who will properly complete the job required. The removal process includes removing some brickwork and sucking all of the insulation out of the cavity, so should be reliably completed to ensure no further bridges between interior and exterior walls.

The cost of removal

For some homeowners the cost of cavity wall insulation removal can be quite shocking, as many homes were insulated either for free or for low costs. Depending on what material was used in your cavity wall insulation, removal can cost around £21/£22 /m², so most semi-detached houses would cost around £1,680 +VAT @20%, and detached properties would usually be around £2,250 +VAT @20%.

If you’re worried about the cost of removing your cavity wall insulation and have suffered extensive damage to your property because of the product, you should consider claiming compensation for these costs. Speaking to one of our advisers here at Consumer Rights can help you to begin a claim that will help to pay for the costs of removing the offending material and ensure that you can restore your home to its previous condition.

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