Loft Insulation

Loft Insulation

It’s well known that more heat is lost through the roof of a house proportionally than any other part, around 25%. Many people either do not use or sparingly use their loft. Often a preferable option is to insulate the loft to make large savings on bills and prevent energy being lost unnecessarily.

The procedure is usually fairly simple and can be done fairly quickly. The process will mostly recoup the cost of setting it up within a few short years.

Facts and Figures

  • The majority of houses are eligible for cavity wall insulation
  • Almost no houses have absolutely zero insulation so you won’t be starting from scratch
  • There are different options depending on whether you want your loft to be usable space or not
  • By the beginning of 2018, more homes has loft insulation (16 million) than cavity wall insulation
  • There is evidence to suggest that those in cold houses suffer more frequent and serious health problems


How can I go about getting loft insulation?

Loft insulation is by far not the most complicated form of insulation you can get done. Despite that, it’s still far better to seek the help and advice of professionals. All it takes is a lack of thoroughness in application to negate the reason for installation in the first place. There are many companies and labourers out there who will have plenty of experience in helping to make your home more efficient.

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