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With pipe insulation it is very easy to save gas. There are many heating pipes in every home, all those tubes radiate a lot of heat. By insulating a few meters of pipe, you can save a lot of energy, heat loss is reduced thanks to pipe insulation. It is very easy to clamp around the heating pipes and saves a lot.

How much does pipe insulation save?

Many studies and tests have shown that pipe insulation helps against heat loss. Pipe insulation saves around 2 pounds per meter per year (that is 3 m³ gas). If you know that pipe insulation costs around 1 to 2 pounds per meter, it is clear that this is a very smart and profitable investment. You only have to apply the insulation once, while your energy costs continue to fall! You can easily insulate 10 to 20 meters in an average home. That saves up to £40- a year. Make sure you insulate both pipes (both supply and return).There are different thicknesses for sale between 9 and 35 millimetres. The thicker the insulation, the more it saves. Why should you insulate heating pipes?Pipe insulation saves gas, but also helps prevent freezing.

Which heating pipes should you insulate and where?

It is not necessary to provide all heating pipes with pipe insulation. You only have to insulate the heating pipes in unheated rooms. For example, think of an unheated attic, storage spaces, the crawl space or the garage. The heat that is released there cannot be used effectively. Another advantage is that pipe insulation also helps to prevent freezing of the central heating pipes. Insulate both the supply and return lines. Both pipes radiate heat, so insulate them both. Central heating pipes can be 15 to 35 mm wide. Measure this first before you buy pipe insulation.

Types of insulation

There are different types of pipe insulation for sale. You can get standard insulation at the hardware store. Online you have more choice from different brands, which are often of better quality. For example, you have Climaflex. This brand offers sturdy insulation that easily fits around the central heating pipes for an affordable price. Climaflex also has self-adhesive pipe insulation, which makes it easier to apply.  Another brand is Armaflex. This also offers thicker insulation. You can save more with this, but it is not always possible to fit this thick insulation well around the pipes. This is for example because the central heating pipes are sometimes close to each other or close to a wall. This could cause you problems with thick insulation. Thinner insulation may save a little less, but it is a lot cheaper. And yet you can save tens of pounds per year with it.

Climaflex self-adhesive pipe insulation

You can get started with normal pipe insulation, but it is easier to use self-adhesive pipe insulation. This is already pre-cut and has a self-adhesive edge. That way you can close the insulation easily and quickly. Self-adhesive pipe insulation is available from £ 1.80 per meter. Pipe insulation is available in many types of cross-sections. The chance is that you want to apply insulation to pipes that contain bends. That can be difficult to cut. If you want to process the pipe insulation nicely, you can also buy ready-made bends and t-pieces. Very easy! The insulation is resistant to high temperatures. The material can handle temperatures up to 95 ° C well. And the insulation of many brands is flame-resistant. For more energy saving or Consumer Rights advice, check out our other energy saving articles: https://consumer-rights.org/category/energy-saving

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