Storage Heater Upgrades

Storage Heater Upgrades

Often you may assume that you are on the best possible energy deal for you, but here at Consumer Rights we know that in many cases that is far from the truth. There’s usually room for savings if you investigate all the possibilities. In this modern and more environmentally-conscious world, we also often look to conserve energy and lessen our carbon footprint. A new and more efficient storage heater can do all of this for you.

Let’s have a look at some of the figures and benefits you can gain:

  • Around 4 million British households do not use the mains gas for heating.
  • Storage heaters are usually used to provide energy to households without a gas supply.
  • There are different pricing tariffs, including off-peak costs for lower supply times.
  • Can be cheaper than alternatives in some circumstances.
  • Generally quite cheap, can be bought for as little as £150.


Why should I change my heating?

Generally speaking, the more you can afford to spend on a heater, the more beneficial features you can access. You may be able to schedule heating regimes that work around you, your family and your house. You may also be able to secure a fan, thermostat, child-lock or boost function if you need heat straightaway.

There are also two main types worth thinking about; manual and automatic. Manual types tend to store energy at night and release energy during the day. They will usually do this unless you switch them off so you need to be sure that this fits your household. Automatic heater’s require a power supply and are best placed in larger rooms. They come with a convection heater which you can switch on at any point to get a boost in warmth.

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