Trademarks: Hallmarking

In the United Kingdom, hallmarking is used to shield consumers. 

This guide will teach you how to spot a trademark and who to contact if you have questions about your Consumer Rights. 

Genuine or Phony Jewellery 

One of the oldest types of consumer protection is the hallmark. It’s there to keep you, the customer, safe. A hallmark is required on jewellery (or any other item) that is represented as gold, silver, platinum, or palladium to ensure its authenticity and quality. 

Depending on the form of metal, there are minimum weight exemptions. Precious metal objects are costly, so it’s worth deliberating about your purchase. 

The selling of fake jewellery in the UK market is a source of fraud. If you purchase something that turns out to be a fake or is not as advertised, you can experience disappointment and embarrassment, as well as financial loss. If dangerous heavy metals have been added to the fake object, it may even pose a health risk. 

Purchasing in a store 

Often inquire about the piece’s authenticity by asking whether it is hallmarked. Hallmarks can be very tiny. Don’t be shy about asking for a magnifying glass so you can get a better look. 

Look for the Dealer’s Notice, which jewellers are required to show. This can be used to verify the hallmark. Jewellery stores must show a Dealer’s Notice, which can be shown in one of two ways: 

  • You will get a free download from any of the Assay Office’s websites (in the downloads section) 
  • order by mail from each of the four Assay offices 

Purchasing goods through the internet 

The hallmarking rule also exists if you buy anything online. When making an online purchase, try to figure out where the seller is located. When a trader is not based in the UK, it is difficult to enforce legal rights. 

Reputable Merchants 

Purchasing from a trustworthy seller would cover you. Look for a sign showing that the vendor belongs to an appropriate trade group, whether you’re buying in a store or online.

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