Water-Saving Shower Heads

The water-saving shower head makes saving energy easy without being limited in your daily life. Replace your shower head with a smart alternative and save on both gas and water. On average, you will save £ 85,- compared to a standard shower head. Water-saving shower heads are no longer the low pressure drips of the past! Today, many shower brands offer modern, efficient and economical shower heads with real power. Thanks to the latest technologies you hardly notice any difference with a normal shower head. But not every shower head is really as economical as it sometimes seems. Many brands, stores and websites don’t tell you how much water their touted “economical” showers consume. That way you spend money but you save nothing! What is actually economical for a shower? And which water-saving shower suits your wishes?

What is a water-saving shower head?

A water-saving shower head, also known as a saving shower head, consumes 40% to 60% less water than a normal shower head. This is due to a built-in flow limiter. This limits the amount of water that can flow through the shower head. But that does not mean that the shower is less comfortable, in the least.

Water-saving shower head technology

New technology makes water-saving shower heads better and better. As a result, you experience the same comfort, while using less water and energy. Well-known brands such as Grohe and Hansgrohe apply these new techniques. Hansgrohe uses technology in many showers where water is mixed with air (Air Power). This makes the water droplets fuller and stronger, so that it looks like you are standing under a normal shower. But you save a lot of water that no longer needs to be heated. Another example is the Dreamspray technology that Grohe has on all showers. This technology ensures that the same amount of water always flows through each nozzle. Many people experience that as comfortable. And many showers have anti-scale technology, with which lime can easily be wiped away with a cloth or even with your hands. So no more clogged nozzles!

How much do you save with a water-saving shower head?

A saving shower not only reduces energy consumption, but also saves a huge amount of water. This is compared between a normal shower with average water consumption and a water-saving shower head is 40% more efficient.

When is a water-saving shower head really economical?

Unfortunately we know all to well over there at Consumer Rights that many showers are called water-saving, while they are actually not as economical at all. This is, for example, because showers are called water-saving while they use only a little less than average. Whether showers with a higher water consumption than average are compared to a normal consumption and then called water saving.

Compare water-saving shower heads

Do you want to compare water-saving shower heads or are you looking for a test? Unfortunately a test says nothing about how you will experience a certain shower. Only by properly reading all information, viewing images and checking reviews can you find out more about whether a certain shower suits you. Did you know that you can buy an A-brand water-saving shower for as little as £15? A water-saving shower head costs little money but provides a high saving! That is why this is one of the best ways to save on energy.

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