What To Expect On Black Friday

Black Friday, the event every consumer – and retailer – is looking forward to. The flow of rumours, forecasts and news is starting already. What everyone wants to know is how much is being converted this year. Who are the risers and who are the fallers? Where is the best place to buy a Playstation?

Black Friday is no longer a day-long event, the sales often last for a whole week. Together, the days this year are expected to account for most sales ever: reaching to an amount of 12.6 billion, but don’t forget, no matter what you buy you still have your Consumer Rights.

Are The Sales Really Worth It?

It all sounds nice, but is it a bit too much? And do consumers still score the best deals during the Black Friday? Elizabeth Harper wrote a blog about the fourteen myths surrounding Black Friday. For example, are the offers on Cyber ​​Monday worse than on Black Friday? And is the day really as dangerous for shoppers as is claimed?

There is also criticism. Black Friday is mainly about “mass consumerism madness” that the big box retailer’s cause. It overshadows the trend of the craft, says the designer who calls on small retailers to exclude Black Friday. But in fact they cannot do otherwise. According to him, the focus is too much on price. The pleasure of making a purchase, but also the family idea of ​​”the holiday season”, has disappeared. And apart from money, the consumer does not actually win, the large retailers simply buy products of a lower quality. For small retailers and designers, there is nothing else to cut their margins considerably if they want to keep up with the promotional period.

Although the madness has not yet really spread to every country, the figures say something about international consumer trends and expectations for the festive season. Retailers such as Media Markt, BCC and international brands and sites can also start selling in our country from the end of November. Media Markt announced last year “due to the popularity in America it is a wonderful opportunity to stumble with the prices.”

Staying Safe During The Black Friday Sales

Your Consumer Rights still apply during all of these sales and you should always shop safely, people often end up being scammed under the belief they are getting a good deal. If you need any advice for this upcoming week you can contact us:


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