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How to recognise and prevent identity fraud



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Identity Fraud
Identity fraud occurs thousands of times a year, both on the internet and in ‘real life’. You can lose thousands of pounds or be regarded as a scammer and defaulter. Read how the criminals work and study these tips on how to prevent identity theft.

How does it happen?

Some criminals shop at multiple stores and have another person pay the bill. They then use his or her data. Criminals misuse the citizen service number, date of birth and address.What aggravates the problem: you have to identify yourself less and less in person at the counter, more often this happens from a distance. For example, taking out a telephone subscription or bank account online with a copy of your proof of identity. This increases the risk of identity fraud. A scammer in these cases, only needs a copy of your ID.
The police receives many hundreds of reports every year of similar or the same cases. In some cases, the consequences of identity fraud are far-reaching. For example, if criminals manage to take out loans in your name or rent a property, the bailiff or police can suddenly be at your door. It can take years before your name is cleared.

What tricks do criminals use to get your ID?

Identity fraud via sales sites such as different second-hand shop websites,  fraudsters offer things that are wanted, such as popular telephones and tickets for concerts and festivals. They ask for a copy of your ID; supposedly to know for sure who they are dealing with. Sometimes they also send their ‘own’ ID, to inspire confidence. That is a previously captured copy. At the beginning of 2017, 3 criminals were arrested who allegedly ripped off 2500 people. Non-existent vacancies on job sites, where they ask for a copy of your identity document or a payslip. Always check the company name.

Fraudsters take mail out of your mailbox

For example, they can request a bank account at your own address and still receive the corresponding bank card.
Hackers try to break into your accounts, for example your e-mail, in order to capture data. Sometimes public data can also be misused on social media.

Tips to prevent identity fraud

Never send a copy or photo of proof of identity to a buyer or seller online, not even after he or she has done so. 
If a copy of the proof of identity is required, make it useless: write the date and purpose on it and cross out what is not needed (often the social security number). Use strong passwords, one different for each account. If necessary, use a password manager as an aid. Do not keep copies of identity data (such as passport and pay slip) in your mailbox or unsecured on the computer.
Regularly check your bank account for unknown debits.
For transactions on websites: check whether someone has been active for a longer time and do the account number check with the police.

Signs of identity fraud

The following signals may indicate abuse of your identity data:
-You receive letters from lawyers or collection agencies and bailiffs about debts that you do not know about.
-You receive invoices or acknowledgment of receipt addressed to you for goods or services, but you did not order this.
-There are expenses on your bank statements or credit card statements that you do not recognise.
-Your usual bills and statements are no longer delivered.
-You discover that your personal details have changed at the government.
-You cannot get a loan because there is an alert in your name.
-You see 1 or more unknown employers on pension or tax statements.
-It can also happen that people on social media accuse you of scams. Criminals often use your identity to scam others, making them think that you are the scammer.
Check out the National Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting Centre, ActionFraud for more information:

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Energy Saving

Water-Saving Shower Heads



Water-saving Shower Head
Water-Saving Shower Heads
The water-saving shower head makes saving energy easy without being limited in your daily life. Replace your shower head with a smart alternative and save on both gas and water. On average, you even save £ 85,- compared to a standard shower head.
Water-saving shower heads are no longer the pathetic jets of the past! Today, many shower brands offer modern, economical shower heads. Thanks to the latest technologies you hardly notice any difference with a normal shower head.
But not every shower head is really as economical as it sometimes seems. Many brands, stores and websites don’t tell you how much water their touted “economical” showers consume. That way you spend money but you save nothing! What is actually economical for a shower? And which water-saving shower suits your wishes?

What is a water-saving shower head?

A water-saving shower head, also known as a saving shower head, consumes 40% to 60% less water than a normal shower head. This is due to a built-in flow limiter. This limits the amount of water that can flow through the shower head. But that does not mean that the shower is less comfortable, in the least.

Water-saving shower head technology

New technology makes water-saving shower heads better and better. As a result, you experience the same comfort, while using less water and energy. Well-known brands such as Grohe and Hansgrohe apply these new techniques.
Hansgrohe uses technology in many showers where water is mixed with air (Air Power). This makes the water droplets fuller and stronger, so that it looks like you are standing under a normal shower. But you save a lot of water that no longer needs to be heated.
Another example is the Dreamspray technology that Grohe has on all showers. This technology ensures that the same amount of water always flows through each nozzle. Many people experience that as comfortable.
And many showers have anti-scale technology, with which lime can easily be wiped away with a cloth or even with your hands. So no more clogged nozzles!

How much do you save with a water-saving shower head?

A saving shower not only reduces energy consumption, but also saves a huge amount of water. This is compared between a normal shower with average water consumption and a water-saving shower head is 40% more efficient.

When is a water-saving shower really economical?

Unfortunately, many showers are called water-saving, while they are actually not as economical at all. This is, for example, because showers are called water-saving while they use only a little less than average. Whether showers with a higher water consumption than average are compared to a normal consumption and then called water saving.

Compare water-saving shower heads

Do you want to compare water-saving shower heads or are you looking for a test? Unfortunately a test says nothing about how you will experience a certain shower. Only by properly reading all information, viewing images and checking reviews can you find out more about whether a certain shower suits you.
Did you know that you can buy an A-brand water-saving shower for as little as £15? A water-saving shower head costs little money but provides a high saving! That is why this is one of the best ways to save on energy.

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Flight Delay Entitlement



flight delay entitlement

Having your outbound or return flight delayed can really put a dampener on your trip, as well as potentially being highly disruptive to your business plans. This is not something you need to simply accept and you may well be entitled to compensation depending on the circumstances surrounding your delayed flight such as the causes and the length of the delay. Flight delay entitlement is something which is well worth looking into if you have been the victim of a delayed flight in the past six years, and can go some way to perhaps covering the costs incurred as a result of your delay or simply making up for the inconvenience you have suffered.


Flight delay entitlement doesn’t exclusively apply to delayed flights. You are also well within your rights to claim for a cancelled or even overbooked flight should that match your situation, and the claims process is very much the same.


Flight Delay Entitlement Explained

Here we are going to discuss in more depth your flight delay entitlement. Even if you have suffered a significant delay, you may not always necessarily be entitled to be compensated in the form of money. Your airline will, however, be required to help you out in other ways such as food vouchers to account for the additional time spent in the airport, as well as arranging and paying for overnight stays in hotels should the situation require it. All of this depends on the length of extra time you will need to stay in the airport as well as the reasons for which your flight got delayed.


Your flight delay entitlement may also be impacted by the actual length of your delayed flight itself, but all of this will become more clear as we explain the flight delay entitlement process.


If your delayed flight totals anything under 2 hours you are not eligible to receive any form of compensation, however anything above this means that you may be able to claim reimbursement. For those who’s flight delay was between 2-3 hours you will not be entitled to a financial reimbursement, but you must receive food and drink from your airline, access to a phone or at least some mode of communication and even overnight accommodation if necessary. If your flight is delayed by more than 3 hours you are legally entitled to everything we have already mentioned, as well as actual financial compensation provided that the delay was caused by a fault of the airline. Circumstances such as inclement weather conditions or security issues will mean that compensation will be unlikely. The amount you are likely to gain in compensation typically varies depending on factors such as flight distance, how long your flight was delayed for and whether or not your destination falls within the European Union. You can find out more about the precise amounts which you are entitled to depending on your circumstances here.


If your flight delay totals more than five hours then you are faced with a number of options. You can choose whether or not you wish to still board the plane, and if you choose to do this then you could claim as much as £600 as well as all of the additional benefits we have touched on for flights with a sub-five hour delay. If you decide against taking the flight, which you are also well within your rights to do, then you are entitled to a full refund for your ticket as well as any other flights on your trip which may have been affected as a result.

If you would like more information about the flight delay claims process click here for our comprehensive guide to flight delays and how you can go about claiming what you are owed.

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